Do these reasons NOT to have a massage apply to you

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There are several reasons not to have a massage.

Normally, they relate to contraindications, which means that someone has a condition that could cause the effects of the massage to adversely affect them.

But how do you know whether these reasons apply to you? Or not!

Reasons not to have a massage

If you mention reasons not to have a massage to many people they will think of excuses such as:-

  • They don’t have time
  • They don’t know of a reliable massage therapist to use
  • They can’t afford to pay for a massage

Very rarely will they think that the massage could actually do them harm..

Surely a massage is supposed to be good for you…
…isn’t it?

Having A Massage Should Be Good For You

Of course, a massage is good for you!

But if you are not well, or if you are suffering from a “specific condition”, then a massage could be the very last thing you should have…

These “specific conditions” are referred to as massage contraindications.

Putting it simply, “Contra” means “against” (contrary)…
“Indications” refers to aspects that indicate, or tell you one thing or another…
“Contraindications” means that there are aspects that indicate that something should not take place.  And, since we are talking about massage, contraindications should warn us against having a massage – for health reasons.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  Massage contraindications have never been mentioned to me before or during any massage I have received whilst in Spain. Neither has the massage therapist checked to see if there are any reasons why it would not be safe for me to have a massage.  And so it is lucky (for my sake) that I know about contraindications and which ones apply to me.

But does it really matter?

Let us see what these contraindications are, and then you can decide for yourself.

You Be The Judge

During a massage your skin and flesh is manipulated and stimulated. It is this action that brings many of the health benefits we want to have.

However, if you are suffering from some infection or inflammation, the massage could spread the infection to other parts of your body.  For instance:-

  • Someone who suffers from blood clots could have a clot dislodge, move to the brain and then possibly cause a stroke.
  • Massaging on top of  varicose veins could damage the overworked veins and capillaries, and again, cause clots to move and cause damage.
  • Anyone suffering from cancer could risk having the disease spread through their lymphatic system to other parts of the body.
  • A broken bone, even though it may be “on the mend”, could be damaged by being subject to undue pressure

Click on contraindicationsfor a list of contradictions which would stop a massage.

Contra-indications Are Not The Absolute Deciding Factor

It is important to realise, however, that these reasons for not having a massage are not absolute. Many of them “depend” upon the type of massage being given and upon the parts of the body that are being massaged.

The correct thing to do is for the massage therapist to:-

  • Take a brief health history,
  • Use his skill and knowledge to see if there are any potential risks, and if so, advise what the risks are and whether or not the client should check things out with his or her doctor first, and
  • Decide whether or not to simply proceed because the possible contraindications do not apply in the client’s case.

A massage will do you good. A series of regular massages will do you even more good. But sometimes, it is true, there could be reasons not to have a massage at the current time.

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