Get your stiff neck and shoulder pain release here right now! UA-23606192-1

Get your stiff neck and shoulder pain release here right now!

stiff neck and shoulder pain release

Stiff Necks are Not Funny (photo credit batbtunnels @ Flickr)

My, but how it can hurt. All you want is stiff neck and shoulder pain release because the discomfort and pain can affect every single thing you do…

I recently treated a client who  desperately needed stiff neck and shoulder pain release.

She was staying in Granada on holiday and, while she and her family were doing a lot of driving in their hire car, she had developed a stiff neck, along with shoulder and back pain.

From how she described things I assumed that the head rest at the back of the seat was in an awkward position for her.  It caused her to spend a lot of time with her head pushed into a forward position.

This type of pain can be a common problem.  A lot of my clients also get stiff necks and shoulders from sitting at their desk or workstation, again, with their heads pushed into a forwards position as they look at their computer screens or desks.

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The First Rule For Stopping Pain

First of all, anyone who finds themselves in an uncomfortable position should change the things that are causing the discomfort.

For instance, adjust the headrest in the car. In the office, raise the height of the computer screen or lower the height of the seat. The relative weight of your head increases dramatically with each centimetre of forward position that the head takes.

It is no wonder we get sore necks and shoulders.


The Second Rule for Stopping Pain

If we can’t change the things around us that are causing the problems there is still something we can do:-

We can get some stiff neck and shoulder release by taking regular breaks from that cramped position.

Every half hour or so, take a break and walk around, rolling the shoulders and moving the neck carefully from side to side.

Another good thing to do would be to do some exercises that are specifically designed to loosen those tight muscles.



Exercises for Stiff Neck and Shoulder Pain Release

These exercises will cut through most tightness and tension caused by faulty seating and working positions. However, remember to check with your doctor or professional massage therapist if you are at all unsure. And if any of the exercises cause you pain. Stop right there. They should feel good to do.


Exercise One – Lying Down Neck Stretch

This is a very gentle exercise and so move easily. If your neck and shoulder pain is really bad, then this is a good exercise to start with.

  1. Lay on your back on your bed and stretch your spine and body length-ways, trying to make your whole self feel longer. Do this three or four times.
  2. Now focus upon your shoulders, neck and head, and, just by using your neck muscles, stretch your head away from your shoulders, trying to make your neck longer. While you are doing this you will feel that your head sort of curves itself back towards your chest and your chin comes down towards your chest. Let it.
  3. Gently push your neck and head back into the mattress and hold it there for a few seconds.
  4. Repeat several times.
  5. Now that you are stretched out, just lie comfortably and move your head around to each side in turn. Do it gently and try to move just a little bit further to the side with each movement. However, be careful NOT to force any movement, but instead just gently allow your neck muscles to loosen of their own accord with the movements you are making.


Exercise Two – Shoulder Lift, Roll and Sway

  1. Raise both shoulders up and as high as they will comfortably go and then just let them drop down to their starting position again.
  2. Repeat four or five times.
  3. Raise both shoulders just a few centimetres and then let them drop down to their starting position again. Immediately pull your shoulders downwards towards the floor and keep that position for five seconds.
  4. Repeat four or five times.
  5. Circle your shoulders, moving them upwards, backwards and then back down again. Circle both shoulders together a few times and then circle just one shoulder and then the other, one at a time.


Exercise Three – Do the Curvy Wurvy

  1. Standing up, with feet shoulder width apart, curve your upper body over to your left hand side while stretching out to the left side with your left arm. Make sure you move slowly and gently, you are stretching your muscles, not doing star jumps!
  2. Repeat to your right hand side, stretching your right arm outwards this time.
  3. Lean and stretch gently from side to side as described, and then, when you feel comfortable with the movement, start to let your elbow and wrist bend along with the movement, stretching your left arm upwards and above your head when you lean to the right and then pulling your arm downwards and to your feet while leaning to the left.
  4. Once you have got a familiar rhythm with the movement, start to encourage your spine and body to curve with each side to side movement in order to give your shoulder muscles a good work-out.


We Are Here To Help

Many massage therapists will make a home visit to their client in order to help get his or her tight sore and tense muscles back into good condition. This is a service that Massage and Mind offers. Sometimes it can be painful even to think about getting into your car and driving to the therapist. With a call-out service there is no need to have to do that.

Good therapists will also check that you are not suffering from trigger points, and will give you a set of exercises to do that are particularly suited for your own problem. That way you can learn to deal with those tight muscles before they become a real pain.


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Having a pain in the neck can be so debilitating.

Anyone who has had problems in the neck area will already know that we use movement in our necks and shoulders to do most about everything. It really can be debilitating. But the exercises described above  for dealing with a stiff neck and shoulder pain should help get you up and moving again. However, if you are unable to get to see a good therapist then I can wholeheartedly recommend Shoulder Pain No More. This is an easy to use system which is bound to give you stiff neck and shoulder pain release.

Have you ever had a stiff neck? What did you do? Please leave a comment below.


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Shoulder Pain NJ
The cause of your nighttime shoulder pain is a trapped tendon resulting in a lack of oxygen and blood flowing through, the pain is a result of you lying down horizontally which puts added pressure on that part of your body. Reply
Dave E Wilkes
Thank you for calling by and leaving a comment. Lack of blood flow and subsequent oxygen can cause night time shoulder pain.. Other reasons include inflammation in the fluid filled bursa sac, excessive use of shoulders, aging and stiff muscles caused by keeping awkward positions of the neck and head etc. In many cases the above exercises and suggestions will help bring notable relief. Thank you for your comment. Reply